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October 1, 2009


Post-championship performance

Over at Simba Tango, there are videos of (within the last week as a matter of fact) performances by the reigning Salon Champions hailing from Japan from the recently concluded Tango Championships. I actually prefer these few dances compared to what they were doing on the big stage. I suppose here they are simply more relaxed and also get to choose music they are most comfortable with? By the way, if one’s personality and character is revealed by the way he/she dances, I’d describe this couple as being “down to earth”.

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  1. Oct 1 2009

    Same here. These few dances show his great musicality, I think that made him stood out from the other couples during the competition and caught the eyes of the judges. Btw, the song used for the final was very difficult to dance. Besides his great musicality and elegance, I like her as a dedicated follower – just being with him, adding little flavor to the dance and not over do nor over use her embellishment. Nowadays, whoever goes on stage plays with the feet like crazy and totally forget about the music. This couple sets a good example for all of us.

  2. Oct 4 2009

    I agree with Royce, and I wonder if the reason they used difficult music was to make it easier to pick a winner.

    In addition to Royce’s compliments, I may add that it is a delight to dance with Kyoko 🙂

    Regarding the video you posted earlier, it was from a choreographed performance by Johana Copes’ company, and the old and new campeones entered as a ‘surprise’. This clip shows the context better, but the quality is not as good.

    Thanks for linking!

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