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December 3, 2009


Slowing down

Been pretty busy with various events recently, so have not been updating this blog.

I do normally enjoy watching videos of Jorge Dispari, not so much to copy his style, but more for the enjoyment of seeing the smoothness in his giros and musical interpretation. As for this particular clip, I like the fact that he is apparently slowing down whereas the “norm” is perhaps to go quicker in response to D’Arienzo’s typically driving beat/rhythm. I suppose that I am noticing this aspect a little more today for no other reason than the fact that I have been asked to slow down and enjoy the melody more… 😉

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  1. Jan 14 2010

    I enjoyed reading Tango Padawan’s thoughts on keeping things slow but meaningful here. Incidentally, another fine performance by Fabian Peralta, whose musicality I am really impressed with.

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