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January 6, 2010


Happy 2010!

With the end of the so-called noughties, what will 2010 bring to the tango scene in Singapore?

For a start, it seems that the trend which began since late 2008 is set to continue. Now that there are more venues offering Argentine tango (classes, practicas and milongas) – although, curiously, the number of instructors has not increased compared to the same time last year – it’s actually possible to tango close to every night of the week (see schedule here). Again, a natural question to ask is whether this is a sustainable situation?

I am of the belief that availability of choices will provide further catalyst for next stage of growth in our tango community, as mentioned in a previous post written close to two and a half years ago. If the expected expansion in the tango community has not taken place after 10 years, then it’s time for more people to get involved in promoting and popularising the dance. Clearly only by reaching out to more people will it be possible to “awaken” their hidden tango obsession. And with more participants will it make sense to talk about an ecosystem of milongas, classes, workshops, accessories, etc. It goes without saying that everyone in the loop needs to get their act together in order to establish a “brand presence”.

Realistically a quick influx of new people is temporarily (or extended, depending on if you are optimist/pessimist) going to pose headaches for the conscientious organisers out there, planning the schedules/topics for invited teachers, because of the likely disparities in the skill level in the community. Well, if it’s any consolation, the tango community in Hong Kong has managed it somehow. :wink:At the end of the day, market forces will do the rest…

As far as new year’s resolutions go, I am happy that I have more or less managed the targets I set myself at the beginning of last year! 🙂

Finally may the new decade bring you even more tango happiness!

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  1. Misha Petrovic
    Jan 8 2010

    happy new 2010!
    nice and thoughtful post, as was the one two years ago…

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