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February 3, 2010

Passing of Tito

Just read this morning on Jantango’s blog that Tito passed away in January. Seems that January 2010 is turning out to be a bad month as far as milongueros are concerned…

While Tito may not be a household-name to many people, like for example Tete or Osvaldo Zotto were, I remember him fondly even though we could not communicate and I saw him at the milongas only. By the way, Tito was mentioned on TangoandChaos a few times: Tango in a small space, and On giros.

I first met Tito during my trip to Buenos Aires last year. Always smartly dressed and gentlemanly, he was always friendly and encouraging right from the first few milongas I went to in Buenos Aires, even if I didn’t (and still can’t) understand anything he said. I will definitely miss seeing his delicate touches during milongas. Incidentally he was also the first guy to whisk my partner away from right under my nose at Maipu using the cabeceo! 😉

Rest in peace.

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