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March 25, 2010


Milongas in Buenos Aires

Have been a bit quiet here because of my work.

Following on from my experiences of some milognas in Buenos Aires, noticed that Simba has come up with a list of recommendations for milongas for his friend’sfirst trip to Buenos Aires. The list somewhat overlaps the places that I went to and I highly recommend it to anyone planning to go on their first trip. For the traditional milongas, I would have included also Gricel (not too difficult even for ladies apparently) and Lo De Celia (which can be a little difficult to get a dance if you are new).

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  1. Jun 2 2010

    Your posts are difficult to read with the brown background.

    I would not rule out Lo de celia for newcomers. I saw a beginner from Japan with six months of tango get a front row seat and portenas to dance with him! It is all about attitude.

  2. Jun 2 2010

    Hi Janis,

    Thanks for the comment about background colour. I don’t normally use Internet Explorer as my browser so I was not aware of it. I will look into changing to another theme that is more universal in the near future.

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