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August 19, 2010

Small pleasures in life

Sorry have been a little quiet for a while. Just usual “distractions” like work… 🙂

Two wonderful things happened at the milonga tonight. Firstly there was a couple of nice tandas with a visitor from London, who incidentally is also a friend of Christine Denniston who was in Singapore many years ago. Too bad I was not feeling well enough last night to dance with her when I was DJing…

The second little nugget is related to the period when I took over the 8-week beginners tango classes at Jitterbugs (a local dance school) towards the end of 2005, as a favour for some friends while they were holidaying in Buenos Aires. Incidentally I am very proud that, of the 20 people who started the course, close to 20 people completed!

Since this was quite a while ago, imagine my surprise when a girl from that class recognised me at the milonga tonight. It turned out that despite admitting not having “gotten it” after the beginners course 5 years ago, she decided to give tango another shot and so started taking a beginners classes recently. What I appreciated the most was when she told me that the reason she picked up tango again was because of the seeds we had sown 5 years ago. I am so happy to know that our work has not been in vain, that somehow or other that we are able to reach out and spread a little bit of the joy of tango! Perhaps I should give her the free CD that the rest of her classmates received upon completion but she missed out because she missed the final class as a present… 😉

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