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October 31, 2010

Ways to hug your man

Over at jantango (one of the many expats who has, for tango, settled in Buenos Aires for a number of years) she has documented a list of the embraces used by women she has observed in Buenos Aires:

  1. How do you hug your dance partner?
  2. How do you hug your partner? — part 2
  3. How do you hug your partner? — part 3

It’s good to see such a variety of embraces and to know that as a social dance, there does not need to be one single way to embrace your man.

As video embedding is disabled, please head over to to see examples of many of these embraces in action as practiced by respectable milongueros/milongueras. It’s also an interesting educational exercise to consider why certain couples adopt specific embraces.

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