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November 2, 2010

Music re-cataloguing

With the recent purchases of a bunch of CDs (and a couple more to come, I might add 😉 ) and a new netbook, I have been on the prowl to tidy up and comb through the tags in my tango collection once again. The bulk of my collection is already in flac format, except for stuff that I have exchanged with friends which are variously in aac or mp3. For the new CDs I am using secure rips and encoding everything in flac (option -v) – hopefully to break from the shackles of Apple as far as DJing is concerned 🙂 by the beginning of next year.

In the process I have “discovered” that I actually have more than I thought originally – albeit those additional materials only in digital format – and the lists (tango A-D and tango E-Z) on this blog have been duly updated. Two invaluable resources I have continually referred to are:

  1. Tobias’ wonderful database on almost everything related to tango!
  2. Tango discographies at

The tagging is done using foobar by the way. While there will be the inevitable human errors in any one source, hopefully by cross-referencing and more thorough this time around that the information will at least be more reliable in the long run. The joy of going digital!

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