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January 18, 2011

A new year

I know it’s kind of late but happy 2011 to all the followers of this blog!

Since coming back to Singapore just after the New Year, I have been terribly busy with house moving and all the hassles associated with it. Thank god it’s more than 90% completed! 🙂

Well, it seems the local tango community is in for a treat in 2011. Over the past week, I have received advance announcements of visiting teachers over the coming months, including of course something I am personally involved in, namely the visit of the wonderful couple Andres Laza Moreno and his partner Isabel Acuna (in planning since late last year) whom I met in Sydney last year. In fact, the list of teachers is already building up to almost middle of this year, and we are only 2 weeks into 2011! Interestingly, compared to previous years, many of these teachers will be staying beyond one week, or a weekend, as the case may be. A sign of growing community, perhaps?

Not really sure how everything is going to pan out but look on the bright side, overall the local tango community will be the one to benefit from all this flurry of activity!

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