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February 23, 2011


Blogging about tango

While chatting at the milonga last night, someone pointed out that (apparently) there don’t seem to be as many, say, salsa blogs compared to tango blogs!? See, for example, the short list that I have built up.

Do other dances have a lower tendency for intellectual discussions? Is this phenomenon simply related to the type of personalities that are drawn to the dance?! Or perhaps because tango is intrinsically a dance that makes – for good or bad – people become passionate about?


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  1. Jessie
    Feb 25 2011

    Hello Louis,

    May I suggest a Tango blogger to you? She’s Bora in Sydney, Australia. Beautiful and poetic writing about her journey of learning Tango.

    • Feb 25 2011

      Hi Jessie,

      I am aware of her blog and have been following her stories. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

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