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February 26, 2011

Organising milongas

A tongue-in-cheek vision of a good milonga.

While I don’t agree with everything shown here (food, and no mention about teaching on the dance floor, for example), for me some of the take-home messages are:

  • Good music – with a not-too-shabby sound system that can produce consistent quality of sounds,
  • Good floor (not necessarily dust-free but at least should be stable and safe to dance on!),
  • Considerate dancing which becomes even more acute as the size of the dance floor gets smaller,
  • Pleasant atmosphere, which from experience is largely dependent on the attitude of the host.

On a more serious note, I recommend highly to anyone contemplating (or even if you are already organising events) to start a milonga to read: “How to organise a milonga”. Almost all of the major points of ensuring a good event are covered, as anyone with some hands-on experience can attest to.

If you are already organising a regular milonga, how many of the issues listed have you considered? If not, probably not too late to learn something new and time to take action! 🙂

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