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July 19, 2011


Invierno: yet another hard-to-find track

Given the state of preservation (or the lack of) of recorded tango music since the 1940s, it’s little wonder that we can commonly find from the major labels like Sony-BMG, EMI, etc., are but only a fraction of all that was recorded during the Golden Age of tango. In fact, many gems are only available in the expensive editions released by private collectors.

Here is another beautiful piece from Canaro, “Invierno”, which I heard for the first time a couple of months ago. By the way, even the usually reliable resource has no information as to the source of this song! Incidentally I really enjoyed this clip from the well-known DJ Dami├ín Boggio as he showed off a little of his record collection.

* However, this song must be reasonably “accessible” in Buenos Aires as I have already seen 2 performances this year using this song. One source that I have discovered is Club de Tango, but perhaps there are others?

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  1. Jul 21 2011

    I feel that collectors have the right to charge whatever they can get for rare recordings. As soon as one gets into the hands of a foreigner, he knows it will be copied. Collectors treasure what they share and go to great expense to provide the best quality in the recordings.

  2. Jul 21 2011

    Thanks for comment.

    In the case of “Club Tango Argentino” and “Audio Park”, two series produced by Japanese collectors for the past 2 decades, certainly a lot of care has gone into the production of the CDs. Each item consists of a pressed CD (as opposed to inexpensive CDRs) and a professionally printed booklet/label. However, at a cost of roughly 6-7x to that of CDs from regular mass-market labels (although not as astronomical in the context of art works or other memorabilia) it is still rather painful for “enthusiasts” like myself! Finally the process of buying the music is not so straightforward to say the least.

  3. Richard Slade
    Aug 5 2011

    Just looking for this track too. You can find it here
    on the Francisco Canaro Vol. 089 (1937) – Club de Tango (Himschoot) album

    Hope that helps

    • Aug 6 2011

      Thanks for the heads-up. I was aware of the website and communicated with Bernhard previously. Unfortunately it’s notoriously difficult to order stuff from Club de Tango.

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