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July 27, 2011


A new partnership

As far as I know this is only the second demonstration between these two – Carlitos Espinoza and Noelia Hurtado. Similar to their very first performance together, at times the dance was less fluent, compared with when they were dancing with their respective ex-partners. However, I do have high expectations of them in future because both are exciting dancers to watch.

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  1. Richard Slade
    Aug 5 2011

    I miss seeing Mamie dance with Carlitos.

  2. Aug 9 2011

    I think this first performance is not bad and they are looking nice in this dance…

  3. Nov 28 2011

    I love Noelia’s footwork, she is so light.

  4. Mar 26 2012

    A nice recent example from this couple, coming along very nicely!

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