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August 11, 2011


Taking things too seriously

Tangocynic has been producing some hilarious stuff so far but I think this tops everything that came earlier because, while stereotypical this may be, I am quite certain there are people who behave as portrayed in the tango scenes around the world…

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  1. x
    Aug 17 2011

    Love this youtube clip. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nov 28 2011

    This is a great clip, so insightful as they always are. Interesting how most in this series highlight how our egos can be a barrier in tango. I am yet to understand excactly why this is in tango, Why does it bring out so much ego defensiveness? Is it the same in other dances?

  3. Dec 9 2011

    Libertango, thanks for the comment.

    Regarding your last question, since I don’t do other dances anymore I can’t fairly comment about them. As for tango, my guess is that perhaps because tango is a dance that encourages strong emotional connections between partners. I think anything (e.g. art, fashion, tv, movies, etc.) that provokes a strong reaction is more likely to draw out the extremes in people!?

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