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May 22, 2012


Forging new ties

A few of the partnerships that I have been following over the last couple of years have seen some reshuffling over the last 7-8 months, the most notable being Pablo y Noelia, Federico y Ines, Fabian y Virginia/Lorena, and finally the tragedy involving Andrea Misse.

However, after teaming up in latter half of 2011, Carlitos Espinoza is really making Noelia Hurtado shine (although she was already a good dancer to begin with) and the partnership seems to be getting better and better in my opinion. Really enjoyed this recent dance to late Biagi.

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  1. BO
    May 22 2012

    In my opinion Noelia still imposes too much of her style on Carlitos. She dances with him as if he were Pablo, and he adapts. His main signature was salon-like dynamics *with* a maintained chest contact – this is how he used to dance with Maime or Pamela – but apparently this does not suit this parnership. They open up quite frequently; even if it is for a mere 5-10cm which can be barely seen from the outside, this makes it an entirely different game.

  2. May 22 2012

    I liked Carlitos with all his previous partners, although Mamie was my favourite for a time. However I disagree somewhat with your observation that they open up frequently; if anything I think he’s probably making use of pauses more often with Noelia there are subtle changes in choice of music as well since teaming up with Noelia!? As for adapting to Noelia, I’d sooner put it down to a natural consequence of having to dance with a different person – no matter how close Noelia’s build is to Carlitos’ previous partners, there will be a difference (physically and musically) and BOTH of them need to learn to fit in with each other, in my opinion.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    ps. Interesting email address you have there… 🙂

  3. May 23 2012

    I think they are both great dancers who have expressed terrific energy with past partners. They come from different styles it seems, and in the most recent videos they seen to be melding to each other. I love it. Sexy real tango. They each have something magical to bring, and they deliver.

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