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May 5, 2013



Not sure how I missed these two videos in the past. Anyway two milonga performances here, two different partners, roughly one year apart from one of the exciting younger generation that I love watching. There are definitely some signs of evolution here but still the same energy and keen ear for music. Enjoy!

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  1. eric
    May 5 2013

    Great milongas Louis. As we have agreed in the past. get the basics correct, embrace, posture, and the steps are always open to interpretation. I noticed a litle bit of “voltas” from ballroom samba in the first video. WHo cares? The steps the musicality all fit to a milonga. Samba and milonga share 2/4 rhythm. Great dancing. We can all enjoy watching and maybe trying a little of what we see.
    Dance dance and respect everyone else on the floor. The dance is safe with the younger generation. They are fitter than the old maestros. That is a given. so they will experiment and improvise while keeping true. A little bit of evolution. Wonderful stuff.

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