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February 7, 2014



I have never heard of this couple – for all I know, they may not even be regular partners and only came together especially for this event in Buenos Aires. However, the I can only describe their performance here as “full of surprises”!

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  1. Ridzal
    Feb 16 2014

    Looks like random/not-the-usual couplings based on the other couples: Corina Herrera with Fernando Sanchez, Noelia Hurtado with Octavio Fernandez, etc. specifically for this event.

    • Louis
      Feb 16 2014

      Yes this was the milonga (with performances) which came after one-off workshops by the four female teachers.

  2. Ridzal
    Apr 6 2014

    Oh, but I see other videos of them performing together, so with these two, at least, it wasn’t just a one-time thing.

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