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Posts from the ‘BsAs 09’ Category


Experience of a “superset”

Experienced my first “superset” that Royce had written about at Cachirulo (Maipu 444) last night. The DJ was Carlos Rey.

As far as I could tell, the sequence was

  1. Vida Mia (Fresedo)
  2. Percal (Calo)
  3. Poema (Canaro)
  4. (Pugliese)
  5. (Laurenz)

By the end of Poema, the dance floor was completely dark – even the lights at the bar were down to the minimum. Quite an experience, although I was not dancing at the time.


Buenos Aires 2009

Tonight marks the start of my long and very first journey to Buenos Aires, THE place where Tango originated.

Right now, while the rational side of me is telling me not to set too high an expectation – and of course reinforced by what some bloggers have already written about – I guess it’s only human to be feeling butterflies in the stomach, and literally salivating at the thought of finally being able to dance in the place where it all started. The experience of staying in a place where you can’t understand a single word of the local language is priceless, no?

For the next 3.5 weeks, I will use this space to document the snippets of experiences in BA. I am not sure if this is too ambitious – for all I know, laziness or fatigue may take hold even just after a few days! – but I will certainly try. 😉