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Online contact form

I just realised that the contact form for this blog has stopped working since I migrated a few domains over to the new web host Webfaction. Well, just fixed it a couple of minutes ago so hopefully no more problems.

ps. By the way, if you have tried to contact me using the contact form within the past 3 weeks, please try again. Thanks.


New and old

Something for the history buffs and something for people who are just looking for action. Over to the right, I have included compiled two lists: a list of the previous touring Tango teachers who had taught in Singapore and an up-to-date list of milongas in Singapore.


Tango music genealogy

A pictorial representation of Tango music genealogy, for the occasions when you want to show off to your friends!

Note (4.12.2008): The original source for this is here,


Blogging with context

This is a plug really, just to mention the fact that you can find on this site a list of Tango blogs that I have personally found interesting. Currently, the ones I follow most regularly are:

As a postscript, it is perhaps not so surprising that most of these bloggers are from Asia. Perhaps easier to relate to culturally!?