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Days to Taipei Tango Festival

Just for the hell of it, decided to use a WordPress countdown plugin to show the number of days to departure for Taipei Tango Festival.

Time remaining (plugin no longer working 22/10/2008):

*The remaining time is updated each time you refresh the page.


Training log

While in the shower (where else?? :-)) felt inspired to create an ongoing record – the

Tandas list

Updated my Tango tandas list. Hopefully this can help anyone who is beginning to compile songs for Milongas, just as I have benefited greatly from Stephen Brown’s advice when I started building a collection of Tango music. I guess this is really mainly for new Tango communities, since professional DJs surely have no need for my advice!


CD listings

A belated announcement of the fact I have placed a listing of my Tango CD collection online – CD titles only.